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how to turn off check engine light (2001 mpv)

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Default how to turn off check engine light (2001 mpv)

Hello, does anyone know how to disable the check engine light?
Autozone said the code had to do withthe emissions and the car should run ok..
the check engine light is just annoying.

If anyone knows how to turn this off i would appreciate it.
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Default RE: how to turn off check engine light (2001 mpv)

Rather that trust Autozone to do other than pull codes I would ask what the code # was?? There is a way to turn off the light but not permanently disable other than removing the bulb which would not be a good idea as you would not be informed of any serious concerns later on. What Autozone considers a minor emmision problem could mean more is why I was asking the code #.
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Default RE: how to turn off check engine light (2001 mpv)

I am also having a check engine light problem. When it came on several weeks ago, I took the car to a mechanic who found a Co2 sensor beginning to go bad. He replaced it, rescanned the codes, and all was well. As I was leaving the shop the light came back on. I went back in and the mechanic came out with his hand scanner. We drove around for 10 minutes or so with the scanner on and he could find no problems. He said to watch it for at least 2 weeks to see if it reset itself. It hasn't. It did go off for about 15 minutes once, but has remained on since. A friend suggested unhooking the battery, then hooking it back up, but that didn't work either. The car runs well. Is there a way to reset the light or the car's computer?
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Default Extinguishing Check Engine Light 2001 Mazda MPV

Under the hood on the driver side, there is a cluster of fuses under a black cover. Remove the cover and the 3rd fuse from the front should remove power to all the warning lights. Gently pull the fuse and turn the ignition on and all the warning lights should be out. Wait for about 10 seconds before replacing the fuse. Just to be safe, turn the key back off to prevent any arcing when the fuse is replaced. This should do it according to my friend Rick Scott from Florida.
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Just as easy is to leave a door open so your courtesy light is on, then undo the battery negative; wait 30 secs. or so, and reconnect the battery. The courtesy light discharges the capacitor in the ECU and obliterates the memorized codes.
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oldeng gave the best method for clearing the cel. The thing is, if you have a problem, it's just going to come right back on again. Some of the issues that can trip the cel are, indeed, relatively insignificant little nuisance problems that you might elect to leave un-repaired if not for the cel light's constant annoyance. Leaving your gas cap loose after fueling can cause the cel to be triggered. If one of your pre-cats is operating at Less than 96% efficiency, then you'll get a code that trips the cel, even if your main catalytic converter is still assuring that you have no illegal emissions from your exhaust.

When your cel light trips, it will usually stay on until reset either by a code scanner or by disconnecting power to your engine control module. If you disconnect your light, then you will have no warning in the event that you have a truly serious engine problem such as overheating or low oil pressure. The light will flash, as opposed to coming on in a steady state for any of these truly urgent alarms.

You need to find out which code (or codes) are reported when your cel light comes on. There are resources on the Internet for learning what the various codes mean. Your mechanic lied to you when he said that there was no problem causing the light to come on. That is just pure, unadulterated BS. If you have a problem that you don't want to repair, then you just need to get used to driving with the cel on. Many people do just that.
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