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Default 2001 MPV Check Light P1170,P1173,P0171,P0174

Normally, my 2001 MPV is garaged from outside temperatures ranging from 30s during the day to upper teens at night.
Recently, I travelled to an area having temperatures ranging from low 20s during the day to around 0 during the night. It was left in the open cold.
The next day, when it was time to start the vehicle and return home, the temperature was in the teens.
Half way through the 250 mile trip home, the "Check Engine" light came on.
Upon arriving near home, I had the error codes read at AutoZone.
The codes were P1170, P1173, P0171 and P0174.
[ul][*]DTC P0171 or P0174 (fuel system too lean)[*]DTC P1170 or P1173 (O2 sensor no inversion) [/ul]In attempting to purchase a new MAF, I found that the distance betweent holes for the replacement MAF were slightly farther apart than the original. Enough so that it wouldn't fit. The body of the MAF appeared to be identical. The replacement part specified from NAPA and Schucks was the same. Bottom line was that I couldn't find a replacement. I didn't try the parts department at a dealership.
Subsequently, I found out two (2) things:
1) Before replacing the MAF, I should try cleaning it with a plastics-safe cleaner. I used a magnifying glass to see that there was some carbon build-up on the metal sensor parts. After using the cleaner, the build-up was gone.
2) Temperature changes can cause warping of the Intake Manifold Gasket that allows air leaks (see http://www.mpvclub.com/tsb.php?id=146). I loosened and retightened to proper torque the six (6) bolts at the top of the intake manifold bolts. NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS MADE ANY DIFFERENCE!
I drove the care for three (3) days, but the "Check Engine" light was still on.
A friend read the error codes, and the only one remaining was P1174. That indicates a problem with the back O2 sensor.
I had the friend clear the code to see if the error condition returned. So far, it has not.
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Default RE: 2001 MPV Check Light P1170,P1173,P0171,P0174

I think this TSB might be of interest to you regarding the codes and symptoms you describe.

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