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Mazda Tribute This low-priced SUV allows the driver the versatility of an SUV without the big fuel bill of many of the vehicles in the SUV class.

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Old 05-22-2007, 08:40 AM
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Default Tribute won't start

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute V6.
On Sunday it wouldn't start.
All of the lights seemed to work, as well as the radio & fan.
I jumped it, but it wasn't responding (All battery connection were tight).
I put it into Drive & back into Park & messed with everything, but still no response.
I rocked the vehicles (giving it a shove) & it started.
I took it to Advanced Auto & they tested the Battery & Altenator & they were both Good.
I didn't have anymore problems until Monday morning, the same thing happened.
I tried to jump it for 15 minutes. As a last ditch, I started rocking the vehicle back & forth and it started right up.
Is there a sensor somewhere(like the one where if the vehicle is in gear it won't start)?
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Old 05-23-2007, 03:38 PM
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Default RE: Tribute won't start

hey klevy4,

I too have had a problem with my tribute. I asked for help on this forum as well.

My issues. The car starts right up in the morning (when its cool) then I drive it for a while. stop. start it up and drive it again (again the temp gauge not quite in the middle), okay. Try to start it again, and nothing.
This happens everytime. It cant be an intermitten thing as that would happen anytime not just after a few starts.
Lights work, radio works, everything functions but the starting part; it wont even turn over nothing! Ive changed the battery(worked the cables to make sure everthing is clean) replaced the starter/solonoid combo. Now I'm wondering if it could be a heat and/or a vacuum problem. Dont No!
Hopefully someone on this forum will have an answer (besides "check the battery terminals or ground")
as if thats not the first thing someone checks.
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Old 06-01-2007, 05:33 PM
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Default RE: Tribute won't start

check the battery terminals or grounds

Only kidding tbozot!!!!

Sounds like klevy4 has a failing or misadjusted Transmission Range Sensor since Trib will start up after rocking the vehicle. This is a sensor that only allows power thru it when the transmission is in Park or Neutral to keep you from starting in gear. Am assuming both are automatic transmissions??
Try shifting into Neutral and with the key held in start position, rock the shift lever back and forth. If it suddenly starts up then adjustment should be checked and/or sensor replaced.

Have you considered the key side of the starting system as a source of the problem tbozot??
Have you been able to check and make sure that you are getting voltage to the smallest wire at the starter that would be for the signal for starter to operate? There are many parts of this system that could be giving you a problem. Ignition switch, TR sensor or clutch switch, starter relay, starter relay diode, pcm, wiring etc.
If you are not getting power to the starter with key turned to start then might try to start by swapping the starter relay and starter relay diode with others in the underdash fuse block and see if the problem goes away. This would be the simplest starting point outside of testing for voltage at various point when the failure is occuring. Will see if I can get you a picture of the relay and diode as they are not marked in the fuse box.

Here is that picture of theunderhood fuse box.The relay marked "relay" and withX on it is the starter relay. You can safely swap the one diagonal from it as it is onlythe rear defroster relay. The starter relay diode is also marked. There are two of them right next toeach other.They look like little black fuses but instead of a number they have a -->-- mark on them. The onecloser to the battery is the A/Cdiodeand can be safely swapped with thestarter relay diode which is right next to it. Make note of which direction the little arrow is pointing as it needs to be installed in the same direction as it was originally installed.
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