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Mystery Mazda Issue - possibly transmission related?

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Default Mystery Mazda Issue - possibly transmission related?

Hey guys Iím new to this forum. Iíve had my Mazda Protege 5 for a little over a year and I really do love it. Itís a 2003, with 280k on it. About two weeks ago I made a five hour drive, and after that drive my car stopped working right.

Right as I put it in drive, the car would jump from first to third gear. Sometimes it would go first, second, back to first. Generally, it only drove with third gear. Sometimes when I turned the AC on I would get fourth gear kicking back in. When I used the tiptronic it just didnít respond at all. Since I was not in the city I currently live in I left it there. Iím living in a different city for the summer, and where I left it is where I go back. I used to go to Midas a lot (never again!) but I left it there and threw in my tires as well because why not.

I get a call back a day after and they said nothing was wrong at all. I asked if they took it out on the highway and they said they got all gears just fine. Okay. That weekend I get a ride back down to fetch my car, and arrive to find it is infact dead as a bone. Not a single shred of energy. So we had it boosted, and it ran ok? Started in first, got second, got third, but alas as soon as we got on to highway it stayed in third. I was pretty upset, makes me think they didnít pay enough attention or just arenít very thorough.

I didnít know what to do, so I took it home. I was in third gear the whole way home, only doing about 85km/h and my rpm were at 3300. When I got home I smelled rotten eggs and though oh god no, sure enough my battery was like boiling over. So I was going to take it to the mechanic (A good, independent one.) on Monday. My car ended up being dead by the time Monday came around, so I just had it towed there.

The mechanics took it out a good dozen times and said they couldnít figure out what was wrong other than my battery was shot. Alternator charging at 14.5 V as of that morning. So the plan was I bought a new battery but they didnít charge me for the FOUR DAYS that they spent trying to figure something out, and as soon as it started going again they said bring it in immediately. My luck it did it as I was driving away, brought it back and the alternator was charging at 19.3 V so thatís no good.

They ended up changing my Alternator. Runs well now, but still goes 1st, 2nd, 1st when I initially shift into drive. So Iím concerned that the alternator wasnít the issue.

No check engine lights this whole time, only battery lights. Recently replaced spark plugs, and intake selonoids. Alternator was replaced at 175k.
Edit: transmission fluid and oil at good levels and clean too.

Sorry for the long wall of text but I need some opinions, is my car shifting 1st, 2nd, 1st normal or is there definitely still something wrong? Iím afraid if I trust it it will start back up in a week!

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Hello! that sucks about your car, from personal experience and it seems like there is a bad voltage regulator or grounding issue, i would get someone patiebt and handy with a multi meter to test your harnesses and grounds for continuity and resistance, it might be a bit tedious.. and i wouldn't do it in a hurry either, especially if you don't soly depend on the vehicle, this is where i would start though. if all else fails try the ECU and if you can with a lifetime warranty or protection plan. i hope it helps!
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