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Old 05-04-2007, 07:10 PM
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Default 94 Mx-6 Engine Hesitation/Shut down

The issue

Have a 94 MX-6 v6 5 speed
Vehicle has started sporatically to hesitate/miss while driving down the road. You would be driving down the road and for a brief second its like the engine shut off, the momentum keeps engine turning then it fires up and keeps going. Occasially the engine shuts off for more than that hesitation and can not run for a few secs.. then continue to run. And then finally the engine shuts off and will NOT fire back up. (Engine could go for 100KMs or 10 kms.. totally random)

If i put the clutch in and release it so the engine catches it sometimes fires back up and often would backfire THEN continue on without a issue it seems for a little while.

Sometimes. If the car totally wont run i coast off to the side Turn the key off and then often just restart and away i go. Somtimes it wont start right away .. and have to wait a couple secs, or minites and then it fires up and i go again.

the annoying thing is that it does this totally random. I could go up to 2 hours and nothing happens.. or i can go 2 mins and the engine stops for a sec and either continues on or such.

Little more history

The last time i had this happen i had a massive backfire and then i could not start the vehicle again totally dead ( turned over fine but no run/start) .. Shop took it ( No mazda dealers where i live) and the timing belt was shredded.. so they repped all my belts and reset timing and they got it running jut like before. I got 10 mins away and was the same ole shutdown i felt before.. but only for that brief second and was able to continue with the odd blurp in the engine. I cna tell that the shut down is onyl a matter of time.

thank you in advance
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Old 05-04-2007, 10:26 PM
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Default RE: 94 Mx-6 Engine Hesitation/Shut down

Sounds like your distributor is starting to go out. Very common on earlier V6. Give this little testa try. Not sure why it works but always seemed to . With engine idling, put in gear and then drop the clutch just so the engine stalls. If it will not start right up then is a very good indication of the distributor at fault. Again, not sure why it does this but always was a good indicator when problem was very intermittent.
You can also try watching the tach closely when driving. If the distributor is at fault then the tach needle will drop to zero rpm like a rock when the stalling event occurs.
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Old 05-05-2007, 01:53 AM
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Default RE: 94 Mx-6 Engine Hesitation/Shut down

I will check the dropping clutch trick in the morning.

From what i recall the rpm tact does not infact drop at all.. I will have to take it for a local spin and watch more closely to be sure. About 4 years ago i had the engine do the same kinda thing but just totaly shut off (never did the hesitation i get occasionally) and i remember the tact totally shutting down. At the time i brought to the mazda dealer and they diagnosed the Computer which they replaced. This is different in the sense that it will often hesitate.. Fuel pump was new about 2.5 years ago as well. filter is clean

I have been doing alot of reading in these useful forums as well with this engine and the problem so many have with the Ignitor modual and Coil. I am wondering if the possibility(and your opinion)of doing HEI mod using this set up http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701206176. Alot of info on this and can be done with adding an external coil or using the exsisting one. The Dist i have in the car was replaced about 1.5 years ago but im positiive it was remanafactured, and the price of that unit was silly.. and so many stories of them or intergrated parts dying.

I am very much leaning towards what you said babyhuey on the distrubuter since it seems to be the bane of so many mx 6 run problems. Would the rpmtach drop if theControl modwas toast or if the coil was toast? Or both? From what i can tell on the schematics the tact is fed the info from the coil?

I hate intermitent and sporatic problems. Again will check the stall thing tomorrow morning.

thank you
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Old 11-09-2007, 09:44 AM
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Default RE: 94 Mx-6 Engine Hesitation/Shut down

i have the same problem minus the dien part it just stutters really bad at times and i cant give it alot of gas plz help
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