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98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

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Default 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

OK - 79K and just got the Code P0141, Bank 1 Sensor 2. I went to autozone and picked up the Bosch universal #15733, and put it in, reset the engine light with my scan tool, and unplugged the battery. Drove 150miles, light still comes back on. Next day I went underneath and checked the wiring, looked ok, I dont get it? Is there something I am missing? I thought Bank 1 Sensor meant the one just before the Cat Convertor, come to think of it, I only saw one before, and one after the Cat? The one I changed out was right before the cat underneath the drivers side.

Any ideas? Before I take this new one out, and try to take it back to autozone and maybe try a another one, that is, if I can return it? I hate this light, and the funny thing is I just passed smog two weeks ago....

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Default RE: 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

As bad luck would have it, you unfortunately replaced the wrong one.[:@]P0141 is indicating a fault in the heater circuit of the rear O2 sensor ( the one after the cat converter ). P0135 would have been set for the front O2 heater circuit ( the one befor the cat converter). Your scan tool is reading the generic OBDII codes which would have given you fault in description of " O2 sensor heater malfunction Bank1 Sensor 2"
The 98 MPV really does not have Bank 1 or 2 but only front and rear. No OBD code matches so that is the closest it could come up with.
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Default RE: 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

Brother Huey, I dont know where I would be without your knowledge...probably 80 dollars richer had I consulted with you prior to my ordeal. Thanks again!

BTW - Since they all seem to be the same unviersal part number, should I use the new one I just put on in the right place, and put the old one back together to save, or just leave well enough alone and have both replaced by the time this is over? Basically to save 80 bucks, Id be rewiring back up the old one and rewiring the new one also.

Let you know how it goes....
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Default RE: 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

CHATAPUGGY- I told you- this guy knows his stuff!!
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Default RE: 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

My suggestion is to try the two options and see what happens... Anyway just to let know about the code P0141 problem I had..."What this means is that the heater built into your Mazda oxygen sensor is malfunctioning (either a short past the heater element, its open, or its too slow to respond). Its required so that the sensor will heat up faster cause it won't work until it's hot. No matter what the cause is though you'll have to replace the oxygen sensor. It should be a pretty easy job to do in your drive way, just beware that exhaust dissassembly can start easy and get real complicated when bolts get stuck or break off.." said my mechanic but when I asked another mechanic because replacing the O2 sensor did not fixed the problem, it also turned out that it was only because of wrong replacement... I really felt stupid not asking for second opinion before I purchased the sensor...
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Default RE: 98 MPV - Code P0141 Wont go Away - Help!!!

I was wondering if anyone tried the rear sensor replacement from Autozone (AZ),APP237051/...ductDetail.htm

The OE type is really expensive. My front sensor was replaced by Mazda about 3 years ago. Now my van wont pass emission inspection. I want to fix it myself but want to have some reasonable assurance that the part that AZ sells is worth paying for. If anyone can just email me my email is open. I will check back here too. Thanks for your comments.
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