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Smart Card Programming (Keyless Entry Fob)

Old 05-18-2014, 10:55 AM
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Default Open & replacing the smart key card's case

Has anyone replaced their smart key case? I am looking for tips on opening the old case and removing the circuit board on the smart key remote control for my 2007 CX-9.

My old remote stopped working after 7 years in my wallet - one of the battery connections broke after too much use and I need to

I found a replacement remote case (shell only) on eBay for $16 by searching for Mazda's part number TDY2-67-5RYA or the FCC code BGBX1T458SKE11A01. Remote case $20 and a used remote with a new key blank $50 (new remotes are selling for $150 and up).

The old case looks like it snapped together, with glue, and is difficult to open. I am worried that I will break the circuit board if I make a mistake when I open the old case.

I have tried to pry the case apart (no luck) and have used a soldering iron to melt through the edges and along the snap & glue points around the edges of the plastic case. I started with a small soldering iron and this seems to be working - I'll wait for now, until I have the replacement key in hand and finish programming the 2nd remote, before transferring the old circuit board into the new case. Has anyone tried there a better way?
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The ignition sequence and key positions is:

Lock (off) >> ACC (Accessory) >> On (running) >> Start (ignition)
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I also have a used Verisa imported to Maputo (where I live as an expat). The car is great but came with only one smart key (credit card style). My problem is that, though I know I can get a key from New Zealand dealers, I cannot find anyone in South Africa or Mozambique who can actually program the new key card. Anyone know what dealers need to do the programming? Two dealers I have contacted have just said that they don't have Verisas in their catalogue so they cannot do it. Is that true? I wonder if they have the machine to code, is there something they could get that would allow them to do it?
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The programming is done via "MMDS" ( Mazda Modular Diagnostic System)
Its Mazda's diagnostic tool/software which is run off a standard laptop.

It runs the "IDS" software programme.( same programme as Ford in NZ & OZ)
I know the software we ran in NZ covered both NZ new models plus all the Japanese imports. Their IDS software should have all the software for all Mazda's.

They may not have a Parts catalog to cover parts for a Verisa, although, it's not hard for them to E-mail Mazda Japan for help.

All the instructions for programming is step by step via MMDS.

I think they simply just can be bothered.
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Default 2 questions about card programming please!!

Question one on the programming instructions I believe step 7 or 8 days open the drivers for and press the door switch twice. Is it the door lock switch? Unlock? My other question is my Mazda came with no smart card remotes I bought 2 of them but neither are programmed. Will this still work?

QUOTE=grim_reaper;145887]Kia-ora Bexi333

I used to work at South Auckland Mazda and drove a Atenza Sports Wagon with the smart key. Its a awesome feature.

The cards aren't cheap. You will need to get a price from your local Mazda Dealer, as they may vary from model to model & you need to get the specific card to suit your car.

Below is the smart card coding process for a NZ & OZ spec 2007 CX9, it may be the same as a Verisa.

1. Bring the programmed card keys (2) and a unprogrammed card key into the vehicle.

2. Close all doors.

3. Insert the supplementary key into the ignition key cylinder.

Complete the procedures up to Step 7 within 30 s after the supplementary key is inserted.
4. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.

5. Press the UNLOCK button on card key 1.

6. Press the UNLOCK button on card key 2.

7. From the ignition switch in the ON position, switch the ignition switch in the order indicated below.

8. Open the driver-side front door, press the door switch twice, and then close the door.

After Step 3 is completed and the card key programming mode is activated, the door lock actuator operates to lock, and then operates to unlock.
If the door lock actuator does not operate, repeat the procedure from Step 2.
9. Press the UNLOCK button on the unprogrammed card key twice.

After Step 8 is completed and the card key is programmed, the door lock actuator operates to lock, and then operates to unlock.
10. If programming more card keys, remove the supplementary key once, and then repeat the procedure from Step 2.[/QUOTE]
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