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A couple of issues with my 626

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Default A couple of issues with my 626

I am the second owner of my beloved 626. I bought it a few months ago from an elderly lady that was going into the reitrement home. the interior is immaculate and the leather in great condition. this car seems like it's going to last a while, but first I have a couple of questions:

1. What kind of gas mileage do other V6 626 owners get? I'm lucky to get somewhere around 280-300 miles per tank with the A/C off. and about 260 miles per tank with it on.
2. How big is my gas tank? I'm going to venture a guess and say 13 gallons, but I'm not sure.

Now, for a couple of real problems:

1. I must have the most inaccurate gas guage. it stays at full for the first 50-60 miles per tank, then drops really quickly to empty if I continue to drive. When the car is shut off and left for a bit, it then goes back up. I bought gas on Saturday and have since put 60 miles on it. When I was driving earlier today, the gauge said I had 3/4 of a tank left, now it's up to 7/8. There are times when it fluctuates over 1/4 of a tank! Also, the manual says that the gas light comes on where there is 2 gallons left in the tank. that usually happens at 250 miles or so for me. But then it goes off and on periodically over the next 20 miles or so. It's so inaccurate that I always fill up before I get past 270 miles- I don't want to get stranded!

2. When accelerating, there is a noticeable jerk between first and second gear (Automatic transmission). the Mazda dealership said that there are no problem with the transmission (a huge problem for this generation of 626's) but you can never trust what they say. What else could be causing the car to jerk when switching between first and second?

Thanks in advance to everyone!


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Default RE: A couple of issues with my 626

I dont know if it is true but I think the fuel gauge is determined in part by the speed you go, hence being more efficient when you go fast and in stop and go traffic it drops. Ive noticed this with my 323 and my moms Cressida. It makes sense to me because when i drive fast my gauge goes up, but it might just be getting tossed around. this is a hunch, so correct me if Im wrong
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Default RE: A couple of issues with my 626

I have had many different makes and models of cars and quite a few have this same condition along my current Protege.

As for the transmission, I would consider a full fluid flush. Have it done at a reputable shop. Sometimes the valves in the valve body of the trans can get gummed up or stick causing shifting problems. This will help remove varnish deposits and renew the fluid.
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Default RE: A couple of issues with my 626

I have a 99 626 and have the same problem with the jerk when it shifts. I have a friend that worked for a Mazda dealership on the cars and he even has owned a few of the 626's and he said that the jerk is just something that happens with them. As far as the gas mileage I get around 300 miles a tank. I have noticed that going over 65mph makes a huge difference in the mileage you get per tank. I think it's a 15 gallon tank but I'm not sure. The best advice I can give you is make sure you stay on top of the maintenance on these cars and it will make a huge difference.
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Default RE: A couple of issues with my 626

I have a 99 626 and my gas tank is 16 gallons. The fuel light goes on and off because the fuel is a liquid that sloshes in the tank, so when your at a certain angle, the gauge is covered and so reads at a higher level. When your at the opposite angle, the liquid is not covering the gauge, so it reads at a lower level. I get between 300 and 350 miles on my 99 Mazda.

As for the jerk, my car also does this, and if you find out the cause, please let me know.
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