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Old 05-28-2007, 03:33 PM
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Default Rx8 will not start

My 2004 rx8 will not start.[:'(][:'(][:'(][:@] Sat. night it was fine I went out yesterday and moved it quickly and last night it would not kick over sounds like it wants to start but dose not, I tried to jump it this morning and it is doing the same thing.. Has anyone ever experienced this??? I looked and studied the manual and I did notice the security key lock flashing.. Is there any way they can lock my car from the dealer if I am late on payment (heard that) and what is the immobilizer system? thanks[>:][:'(][:@][>:][:'(][:@][>:][X(][:'(][:@]
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Old 05-30-2007, 01:24 AM
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Default RE: Rx8 will not start

you flooded your engine. has nothing to do with the dealership. they can't deactivate nor would they deactivate your car without your notification. that would beinsane on there part.
2. When you read your owners manual there is a caution that is there about engine flooding due to it being a rotary engine and requiring a fuel dumping persay to start the engine rotation. the caution tells you that YOU MUST LET YOUR CAR WARM UP/ RUN TILL THE EGINE BEGINS TO WARM knowing that adequit time has past to allow you to turn the car off without it flooding.
There is a deflood procedure that you could go through but seeing that I have never gone and done the procedure myself I would leave that up to someone else to explain. Or call your local mazda dealership tell them that you think that you flooded your car by turning it off to early after starting it and ask them if they explain to you quickly the steps to deflood. as I know the deflood doesn't always work but it does depending on how bad it has flooded'
GOOD LUCK AND WATCH OUT FOR THE FLOOD... It isn't a piston engine... you can't treat it as such.
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Old 06-03-2007, 10:45 PM
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Default RE: Rx8 will not start

Thanks for your response:

Actually it was sounding like it wanted to crank but would not crank over.

On Tues. I called 3 different Mazda's dealers and spoke with the mechanic and they all told me I flooded my engine, which they say is a known problem with the RX8.

They all told me to press on the gas pedal and crank for 10 sec. then stop for 20 sec. and keep doing it until it starts with a good connection to another battery with good juice. Which is exactly what they said they would do if I brought it in. But it was a chance I could burn out my starter, kill a cell in the battery or blow a spark plug.

So I did that off and on on Tues. and Wed. morning and could not get it started so late Wed. morning I called the tow truck to get it towed to Mazda and he tried to crank it over and no luck, so as soon as I went inside to grab my purse and he was going to connect it to the tow truck he tried 1 more time and it cranked over (lucky me).

They also told me this is a know problem with the 2004 RX8 ( to flood the engine) and they also suggested that when I crank it to let it run for a min. before I turn it off and it will not flood.

But what surprised me more than it being a problem with this particular car, one also said that the engine in my car was replaced at 9k by Mazda and it still has some warranty on it but I only have 24k miles on it as of today, but I did not buy it from the Mazda dealer I bought it from a Honda dealer.

I love my car but I should have done some research on the car before I purchased it. Because it seams that these cars do sometimes have major problems and eventually the warranty will expire..

The red light that was flashing was the light of the car with the key in it, and I think it is still doing it.. (what dose that mean?)

blackout67 & babyhuey
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