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P0106 on 2000 and later MPV

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Default P0106 on 2000 and later MPV

P0106 in the shop manual means "BARO circuit performance problem".
The description of whythis code isset is listed as this:

PCM monitors differences between intake manifold vacuum and atmospheric pressure at idle, which BARO sensor detects by switching EGR boost sensor solenoid. If difference is below 6.43 kPa {48.2 mmHg, 1.90 inHg}, PCM determines that there is a BARO sensor performance problem.

In normal english this means this : The Baro sensor is what the PCM uses to detect the folllowing: What atmospheric pressure is, What intake manifold vacuum is, and What change in manifold vacuum occurs when the EGR valve is opened.
We know that there is a huge difference is pressure between atmospheric pressureoutside the manifold and the 23" or so of vacuum inside the intake manifold at idle and yet when the PCM checked for this it found very little pressure difference. Because of this it thinks the BARO sensor may be faulty.

To start finding out what is really wrong, refer to the first diagram below and locate the EGR boost sensor, EGR boost sensor solenoid valve, and finally the EGR valve on the engine. The boost sensor is located on the top of the air cleaner housing with a single vaccum line to it and a three wire connector. Follow that vacuum line and you will find the boost sensor solenoid valve. There is another vacuum line connected to the solenoid valve. If you follow this other vacuum line you will find the EGR valve as it connects right up to it.
#1 First thing to do is start the engine and let it idle and thenmake sure that all of the vacuum lines are connected. Vacuum line at EGR valve often gets knocked off if previous work has been done in that area. #2 If all vacuum lines are connected ok then remove the one from the EGR valve and make sure you have good vaccum at the exposed port. If no vacuum then it is clogged due to proximity to EGR valve and can usually be easily cleaned out with a small drill bit or nail.
#3 If vaccum is ok at the port then reinstall vaccum line and remove the other end of this line from the solenoid valve and check for vacuum. If no vacuum then line is clogged so put on another one.
#4 If there is vaccum to the solenoid valvethen reinstall the line onto the solenoid valve and remove the vaccum line from the EGR boost sensor. You should not have any vaccum from the removed line. If you do then unplug the electrical connector from the solenoid valve checked at #3. If vaccum is now gone then you have a shorted harness problemor faulty PCM. If vacuum is still present to the boost sensor then the solenoid valve is stuck open and needs replaced.
#5 If there is in fact no vacuum to the removed line at the boost sensor then use a couple of readily available jumper wires, unplug the two wire connector at the solenoid valve and apply power and ground to the solenoid valve. You should now have vacuum at the remove line at the boost sensor. If you did get vaccum thru then you have a faulty boost sensor. If you did not get vaccum then recheck your jumper wire connections and if they are ok ( a good solenoid will make a sharp click sound when power and ground is applied), then the solenoid valve is stuck closed and needs replaced.

That should about cover what you can do about the P0106 code ducks98. Let me know if have any confusion of questions as it is a long post and quite a few steps.

[IMG]local://upfiles/1377/4CEDD1DA4BA54955AFC7FAD0417A1EE9.gif[/IMG]EGR system diagram

[IMG]local://upfiles/1377/A54E5B1344FC42028A65A38FE2051EBF.gif[/IMG] This is what the solenoid valve will look like and where to apply power ( B+ ) and ground (GND).

[IMG]local://upfiles/1377/34FD25B393D34340994C34612AAE0C2E.jpg[/IMG]Here is the EGR boost sensor in foreground and solenoid valve in background.

[IMG]local://upfiles/1377/D156CF558D154024A7E72B8B6A50FFE0.jpg[/IMG] This is the EGR valve.
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Default RE: P0106 on 2000 and later MPV

I have the same problem except-after cleaning EGR vacuumport. as per #2 instruction, still no vacuum from it. Loosened EGRfrom engine to be sure port was clear (noted that the port angles up EGR vacuum area).Port was clear.Flushed thru port with cleanser. Attenpted to start engine to ensure manifold wasn't blocked, The engine would startfor a moment and then die, as expected with a vacuum pull thru the flange.Replaced EGR, started engine and still no vacuum thru the port.I tried to blow or suck thru the port, no luck. Is this indicitive of a bad EGR or some othe componant?
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How can I see pictures?
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Default p0106 code

hello, love your answer but i cannot get the vacum line diagram that you have linked.the second vacum line that goes to the egr valve is not hooked up and i cant see where it goes on the egr valve on my 2000 mpv. can ya help? thanks stevep
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