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2002 Key Fob....missing..

Old 03-13-2008, 11:40 AM
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Default 2002 Key Fob....missing..

New to the forum, so if this has been talked about on here in the past can someone please re-direct me.

That said, we just bought a used 2002 MPV LX with 85k here in Iowa/SD and it was missing both the owner manual and the key fob. I'm not terribly concerned about the manual, but the key fob is huge since we have a 9mo old child, etc. That said, can someone steer me in the right direction or offer advice. Thanks.

(We've already checked with the dealer, etc....they don't have it, etc)
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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

I assum you want the key fob for the use of keyless entry and security.I have seen sites on the web that sell key fobs for cars but am not sure of what is needed to make it work with your MPV. The best and most economical route in my opinion would be to have a alarm that offers keyless entry installed on the MPV. This will give you a clean install and a better security set then the standard keyless entry of the MPV.
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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

I might look into that, but since we are talking about a vehicle we bought for $6600 (hagled price) I'm not sure if I'm looking to put a security system on it and such....we live in an area with nearly no crime, I'm not real concerned about it getting lifted. However if it's less $$ (which it might be) than I'd think about something other than the OEM fob. You are right..we are looking for the keyless entry functionality, etc.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

I just bought an 05 mpv that was missing the same items. I bought a folding key fob with sliding door buttons online for $58 shipped and the full manual, warranty books, and case for $26 shipped. It looks like yours should be about $25-$40. Just Google "mazda keyless" otherwise, Ebay motors has LOTS of remote and manuals available. Check the sellers ratings. I've heard a few stories where they haven't worked, but that can be as much an issue with the car's module as the remotes....I've now bought remotes online for 5 cars for myself and a few others with 100% success.

Definitely try to find the FCC code for the remote (on the back or inside if you've got one and need another) you need since sometimes there are a few remotes available for one vehicle, with/without power doors, etc. I believe all 02's have the security module to enable the remote...but I'm not certain.

Here's one place I've bought from other than e-bay:

Check to see if the remote comes with programming instructions in the posting. If not, you might be able to find it in the forum somewhere (below is a link to the 03 programming process posted by Babyhuey). Otherwise if you come up empty, some keyless sites sell the programming instructions seperately for less than $10 if you really can't find them anywhere else.

Good luck!!
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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

hi there i also believe that ebay would be your best bet. the only thing you will need to make sure is that you get the correct FOB. Usually on the back of the one you have now there should be a number on the top maybe xxx-xxxx-x (letters and numbers) then you should also have a FCC ID. Just make sure that when you look for the FOB that these numbers match up with the one you already have. Also you can do a search on how to program the new FOB online. It is relatively easy and usually involves locking and unlocking doors. I hope you all the best and as the above postee stated just make sure that you buy from a reputable seller on ebay (just because it is cheaper does not mean it is the best route to go) by the way i forgot to mention that i have a 2004 MPV ES with the remote sliding doors and keyless entry

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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

Thanks for the valuable feedback. We went to Ebay the other night and found nothing, but we will try again until we get something.
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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

try this link not sure is this would be the one you are looking for or not;category0=

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Default RE: 2002 Key Fob....missing..

Thanks a ton. We got 1 off Ebay for $18....and it was simple to program (with directions off this forum). Good job folks..very pleased.
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