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Posting Your Pics on MazdaForum

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Default Posting Your Pics on MazdaForum

I'm going to try to answer the usualquestions about uploading or posting pictures here on the site. This has been a common question and I know when I first got here, I had some trouble figuring it out too.This will be a work in progress[will be updated]as I'm sure I will miss or forgetsome of the options that I don't normally use here.

I would ask that you be conscientious of the size of the picture, especially the width, that you are trying to post. Too wide and it makes it hard for everyone to see, read and work in that thread.

So, heregoes:
Method #1: The best way I personally have found is to host your pictures elsewhere and bring them over to here via the web address. This site requires the web address(i.e. and that's what usually throws people off. This also allows the option of posting them on other sites, forums or e-mail, so it's a pretty flexible way to do it. Personally, I use however there are many others.
Once this is done
[ul][*]1. place your cursor where you want the picture to be in your post.[*]2. copy the direct link information on your hosting site, again:<<< fictitious site for example use only.)[*]3. click the picture icon () on the toolbar at the upper right hand side of ANY text box andallow scripted windows if your computer asks for that [Most will these days, I'm sure]ansd click the picture icon again[*]4. A small window will pop up in the upper left-hand corner of your scree. Paste the information in therefrom your clipboard.[*]5. click OK and you should see the picture appear in the text box you are working with. You may also use the common "center"(Picture here)"/center" ([])command and install the pic in-between them.[/ul]

Method #2: Will your pictures still hosted elsewhere,use the HTML code "image", bracketed of course([]) and the corresponding "/image" to close it, again, in brackets with the hosting site web address in-between. i.e. image][/image. The entire word "image in lower cased letters must be used. IMG, and /IMGdoes not work here.

Method #3: Upload pictures from your computer.
At the bottom of any text box, is a link to upload pictures directly, and a box next to it to embed the picture in the post. Pretty self-explanatory stuff, really.

That's it for now, but as I'd said earlier I will update as necessary.

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The above needs to be updated and put in the Newbie section. I have actually mad up a new one in the new member section.

Avatar Size is max 80 x 80. Signature size is max 500 x 100. Your Profile picture is 100 x 100 which appears when some one visits your personal page by clicking on a member's name.

There is no need to down size attachments at all. It will handle it. I loaded a 1280 x 783 attachment no problem.
To do attachments, left click on "Go Advanced" button on bottom of your posting box. Then left click on the Attachment Symbol "" --- you don't need to click on drop down arrow. A pop up box will appear. Left click on "Choose File" button and select a photo from your computer, then left click on the "Upload" button. You have done 1 attachment. You can do up to 5 attachments. When done close the pop up box.

Copying pictures from a website involves right clicking on the picture you want and left click on "Copy image URL", go to your post and left click on the insert image "" symbol above the post you are making and right clicking your paste from picture image URL you just copied.

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