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Default Power Window motor sounds like it is stripping when rolling up the window.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with power windows on the Mazda 323 / Protege?

My driver's power window won't roll up properly. The motor still makes noise when I push the power window button up and down. But I basically have to pull the window up with my hands when rolling the window up. (I believe the window will roll down by just using the window switch.)

I am wondering if the power window motor has become detached from the gear? Because when rolling up the window, the window makes a horrible loud "stripping" sound. Like a gear is slipping and clicking. Then again perhaps the problem is the window regulator?

I recently watched a YouTube video (unfortunately the audio is about 5.8 seconds out of sync) where a guy named Mark essentially stated that if the window was making these noises that the gear had broken away from the motor, and as a result, the motor would have to be replaced.

Diagnose Window Motor and Regulator Problems and Repair Part 1

Diagnose Window Motor and Regulator Problems and Repair Part 2

I synced the video properly and then trimmed the video to the relevant information (and then cropped the video).

Diagnose Power Window Motor and Regulator Problems and Repair (video segment: Synced properly) Duration 50 seconds.

Does anyone know where I can get a used power window motor for my Mazda 323? I am finding it difficult to find one in the junkyard's because most of the Mazda 323's have manual window winders (not power windows).

I also recently read on ebay that Ford Escort Power Window motors from 1990 - 1996 also fit the 1990 - 1994 Mazda 323's / Proteges.

New 90-95 96 Ford Escort Mazda 323 Protege Mercury Tracer Window Lift Motor OEM

So I guess I just have to keep checking the scrapyard's for Ford Escorts and even Mercury Tracer's? Does anybody know for sure what other make and models power window motors fit the Mazda 323's? And also are the motor interchangeable from side to side? Will a passenger side motor fit in the driver's side?

I believe below is an image of the motor that I am searching for.

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