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CX-5 oil problem advice urgently needed

Old 01-10-2019, 04:50 AM
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Unhappy CX-5 oil problem advice urgently needed

Hello forum,

I own a 2012 CX-5, 2.2. diesel with about 116Kms on clock. I am on holiday in New Zealand's South Island (some mountainous roads) with my family towing a 1.5 ton caravan (Bailey Senator caravan. CX-5 diesel tow max is 1.8 ton). I have owned the car for about a year & towed this caravan without issue a number of times.

About a month ago our CX-5 broke down on the motorway when the red oil & yellow engine lights came on & it suddenly lost all power. It was towed to dealer who said it was 5 months over service & the oil had gone putrid. They removed base of engine, cleaned it all out & replaced the oil- 8.5 hours labour. To safeguard, I got 3 years mechanical warranty insurance. No issues since.

I left for our holiday towing the caravan on Boxing Day & drove 940kms to South Island over a few days. No issues. Then the yellow engine light came on when i wasn't towing. I pulled over, turned off the engine, restarted & it went away so i guessed it was a glitch.
The next day I was towing when the engine light came on again. With no loss of power, no red oil light & being in the middle of nowhere I pressed on & drove another 180kms to the closest city. I took it to a garage & the mechanic accidentally wiped the diagnostic error codes instead of reading them! With no data he guessed it might be overheating so suggested I used manual gears not auto when on hills.
I drove again, and the yellow engine & red oil lights returned when going manual up hills during the next 230kms journey. It limited power & I lost turbo acceleration but it chugged on ok. I went to another garage & diagnostic codes were:
P06DE (engine oil pressure control circuit stuck on)
P055F (engine oil pressure out of range) x2
P117A (engine oil over temperature- forced limited power)
They said the oil level was over the X mark, so they drained it to the max level & reset codes. Oil was still good from service. On test drive high revs on inclines (not towing) engine light come on & I lost power again. P055F registered again. Garage advised probably a faulty pressure sensor & would need several days to get part & replace. They believed now oil level correct should be fine to drive so I pressed on.
The next 57kms (towing) were stressful- yellow & red lights came on soon into drive & I got very low speeds on slight inclines. Visited a third garage & they agreed probably faulty sensor but I was advised not to go further as mountains ahead. I left the car with them.

The garage have run tests & found the oil pressure sensor to be damaged. Replaced it with Mazda part.
However, the big problem is this: the oil pump is stuck (closed?) meaning the oil pressure is more than double what it should be, even when idle (3.4 bars?). They cannot fix the pump & recommend getting it to a Mazda dealer, 318kms away.

What I need advise on is this: Can I drive it to the Mazda dealer? Towing it & the caravan that far will cost me a fortune (not covered by warranty). It's made it this far with a faulty sensor, now that that's fixed, will it make the journey to the dealer ok (towing)?
Also reading the above, can anyone spot any common problems or easy fixes or offer anything else that might be helpful? It's been such a stress & ongoing bugbear on our holiday. We've had to abandon the caravan & hire a car; now I'm going to have to leave it in south island, book a flight home & fly back & collect another time
Old 01-15-2019, 04:27 AM
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The 2.2 SH diesel engine is known for poor reliability. Unfortunately, regarding the fault codes you have, in my experience working for a Mazda dealer in Queensland, the engine is toast. I would suggest getting it towed to a Mazda Dealer ASAP.

I'm based in OZ so I'm not sure on Mazda NZs policy on these dodgy engines.( I did work for Mazda in south Auckland, but moved to OZ in 2013)
( we replace 1 every 2 or 3 weeks ) ( Mazda OZ knows they are bad & will usually cover them, even outside of the 3 yr warranty)

I wouldn't mention towing the caravan to Mazda, not that's an issue, but its something for them to potentially blame. How good & regular is its service history? Do you get it serviced by Mazda?

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck to you.

P.S I grew up on the North Shore, Forrest Hill to be exact.
Old 01-15-2019, 01:23 PM
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Default Update

Thanks Grim_Reaper.
Your name does you justice in this instance.

To update you, I did not drive the car any further. It was towed to a Mazda dealer in Oamaru & I flew home instead, needing to fly back in a week or two when the work is complete. I am yet to hear Mazda's diagnosis. It is expected they will replace the pump & tell me all is well.
Good (sort of) to hear from a Mazda expert that these cars are notoriously dodgy- I may decide to sell once all resolved.

As for service history, i mentioned at the start of the thread that it went about 5 months over service & broke down due to oil. We bought it Dec 2017 having just been serviced, never serviced it ourselves & it broke down Nov 2018. It was towed to the dealership (not Mazda) who said the oil had gone putrid. They took the base out of engine, cleaned it all out & replaced oil. Took 8.5 hours. My guess is they damaged the sensor in the process (it was bent) & didn't spot the pump was jammed or at least clogging up. I can't see the current oil problems being totally new if everything was sorted properly a month before.
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