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Tyre wear on UK Mazda5

Old 03-06-2007, 02:25 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

Hi, yes our car is a sport. The car they loaned us was a TS2.
They seem to have sorted the wind noise and have taken more readings on the tyres..... take it back in 1000 miles.
Apparently MMUK are poised to send a letter and are possibly going to be recommending a change of tyre....
My breath is bated!

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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

Yeah mine too.

Spoke to my dealership again today, finally have a payment coming for tyres changed in november!!!

Warranty manager admitted can't understand why Mazda are dragging their feet as there is an "inherent problem with the cars,with suspension or geometry, and needs sorting".

Also told me that its only the sport but lots of cases around country. Told him that MMUK customer service is useless, giving no info to customers and many want to take to press, and he told me he already knew that.

Lets see what happens next .........
Old 03-09-2007, 01:58 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

My wife runs a Sep 06 5 Sport and after 5000 miles inner shoulder of front tyres (esp offside) are severely worn. Read all the posts on site and have booked to take in to dealer on Monday. Have had a laser alignment check at Kwikfit and all was within tolerance (and they didn't charge me!). The senior guy there suggested that Dunlop SP weren't the best tyre for the job, something to do with the belting. If anyone else with this problem gets a solution or a satisfactory reply from Mazda please be sure to post it, I'm not looking forwards to shelling out for new tyres with every service! Apart from that it is the best MPV I've driven, even a match for the much loved, but sadly departed Toyota Picnic (great car, daft name).

It's all in the wrist action.
Old 03-09-2007, 02:32 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

As you can see from all the previous posts this isa known problem and Mazda are on the cusp of admitting it. What Kwik Fit suggest about the tyre may be right. MMUK have suggested as much. However, I replaced my Dunlops with Avon's and they are suffering as well.
I would suggest that you do not part with any money for the replacements. Why should you?
I got all 4 tyres replaced and eventually got all of the money back from the dealer......
The wonderful Nicole, at MMUK is dealing with my complaint and I am sure that if your dealer was to speak with her she will give them all the information they need.
I see no need or reason that each person has to go through the mill I have had to trapes through to get the problem sorted.
You are totally right Mazda should be proud of what they have got in the 5. It beats all of the competition by a mile, just because of the sliding doors. (Needs the headlights upgrading though!)
However they need to put some serious money behind fixing this elementary problem......

Good luck

Old 03-09-2007, 05:49 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

My Mazda 5 Sport is with the dealer with serious tyre wear and steering noise problem (see other discussion thread). Been there since 22nd Feb and I will not take it back until both problems solved. I have managed to get a new Ford Galaxy rental which Mazda are paying for in the meantime.

I could not believe it when I found that these are inherent problems after reading this forum... and I thought it was such a fantastic car!

Old 03-09-2007, 06:45 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

It IS a fantastic car, just that it has a couple of inherent problems and they are doing NOTHING to sort it out.

The 5 is the best car in it's class, and as Nig said the sliding doors are its biggest bonus.

don't think think the brand of tyres is the issue, but more that they think it might keep us happy for a while if they blame that. We know better!!!

hoping that Nicole issues a suitable solution soon, and yes Nig it is unfair that we are all on that treadmill, a recall and solution is required MMUK.
Old 03-09-2007, 08:05 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

Hi Helen
Can I ask how much you got towards your tyres and how many miles you did on them as I did 20,000 miles on mine and they gave me very little towards mine (30 % for the rears) though I still had 4 mm of useable tread on the rears

And I still get the steering noise


Thanks Adrian
Old 03-10-2007, 06:28 AM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

I got all 4 tyres replaced eventually FOC after the dealer pitched in to cover some of the cost, then MMUK refunded the difference. Originally I paid for about £150 towards the cost. As I have said before no one should pay anything. Having said that though, with 20K on them I can understand that they are less likely to cover all the cost. Mine started to show wear at 5000 miles, I reported it to the dealer, and was told it was fine, I continued to monitor them until I noticed serious wear on the front tyres (I wasn't watching them as closely)they changed them all at about 6500 miles.
Have to say that my dealer has bent over backwards over the past couple of weeks to make sure all of ourother problems have been addressed. Big thanks to the new service manager at Nunns.
Hopefully the tyres will be next.......
Old 03-10-2007, 04:52 PM
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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5


Had the first set of tryes replaced at 12, 500. Don't actually know how much I'm getting for them as yet, waiting for the cheque to arrive any day. they were so bad though that one actually wore right through the tyre wall causing a puncture!!! dealer did mention 80% of cost of replacing but until get cheque can't be sure.

Had old back tyres moved to front, so had part worn on, but they were replaced 2 months later. Not as badly worn but down to not legal, just on inner rim, and again no idea what they are actually paying.

have to agree with nig, for the miles you got out of yours i can understand why you didn't get that much back. And on top of miles you got out of them, you actually still had tread left on them, which i think i can safely say is unusual here.

what was the inner edge like? Could you see the steel cords/canvas? Mine certainly were! will find the pics and try to upload them.

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Default RE: Tyre wear on UK Mazda 5

Pleased that this gets high up in Google search!
Last week - my wife who drives the car took our UK Mazda 2 2.0 tdi sport 140 in for 12k service and on picking the car up was told that she needed 2 rear tyres and on the job sheet - this was marked as asap. She was allowed to reload 2 children under3 into the car and drive 22 miles home.
On inspection that evening and the next morning - looked at the now usual area - inside edge of rear tyres and photos show the now all too familiar picture.
SB tyres
Thursday morning - rang dealer and he suggested to me that it was not his fault - under inflated - suggested that this was not the case, had he heard of this problem before - he had not so I quoted some of the UK cases below. Can you log this with Mazdauk, this was easy and the woman admitted on the phone that this was not a unique problem and that she had conme across this more than once.
Garage then phoned back to ask if I wanted tyres and they could order in. Reply - yes but we will not yet decide who pays for them... will get the Dunlops in.... do you konw what is causing this? - no sir have not seen this before!

Thursday eve - firm letter to MD at garage suggesting poor car and faulty product that created this problem after 12k and negligent action to allow the car out of garage with casing showing on one tyre and extreme wear on others.
Friday am - car collected by Mazda Assist and not had to drive 22 miles on close to or illegal tyres - (3 potential points per tyre) and hire car delivered.
Service approach has jumped up a gear and tyres still not in on Saturday... but lots of phone contact and now a suggestion that all 4 tyres are to be replaced..... we await the phone call on Monday morning.

What concerns me is will I be here in another 12 k miles with the same issue or can the garage sort out a solution?
The tyres and cost are one aspect - but the long term prognosis is the issue.
We have a Vauxhall Zafira - and it is not as good as the 5 in terms of space, forward visablity and using it with a young family - we want the 5 back as all other aspects are very good.

Will keep people updated as to the final outcome - but looks like 4 tyres at present - but % still to be discussed.

We also had steering noise and the steering rack was replaced - 6 months ago over a period of 2 week in garage. have only had a slight nice back since - once - seems to have curred it.

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