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Mazda CX-7 This sporty turbocharged 4 cylinder SUV combines the spirit of a performance car with the versatility of an SUV.

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Old 11-12-2017, 11:00 AM
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Default Is the CX-7 A Good Car?

I am in the market for a used car. I am finding 2008 & 2009 CX-7's and CX-9's at seemingly reasonable prices (~$8,000) with low mileage. I happened upon a few reviews that say there a lot of problems with these -- mentioning misfires, turbo failure, engine replacement, etc..

I was wondering if some of you could give me your thoughts? I will post this in the CX-9 area as well. Maybe you could let me know some of the following or other points?

1. What would you think one of these with 75,000 miles be worth?
2. Is there any specific points I should look for?
3. Is the transmission reliable?
4. What tires should I look for (any brand known to be ok)?
5. Any known issues with electronics? Some reviews mention Bose speaker issues?

Anything you could share would be great. These are good looking cars and I figure this is a great place to see what those of you who own one think!


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Old 06-28-2018, 04:05 PM
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Default Good cars... Yes

Keep up on the oil Flushes!!!! And run synthetic oil only! And it'll be just fine. Yes their good cars. Don't worry about the turbo. Turbo's blow up or conk out if they get plugged and clogged. There's a few screens filtering and small lines throughout and once those get clogged. And you extend the oil changes and the new oil can't get through the passages eventually they'll crap out. So keep up on that. And it'll be just fine. Run half a bottle of Seafoam liquid through it the week that you wanna do your flush. It'll clean as you drive. New oil and you'll be ok.
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Old 06-29-2018, 07:37 AM
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CX-7 turbo engines did have issues with timing chains & tensioners. If you start the vehicle up from dead cold, there shouldn't be any rattles from the engine, if there is, walk away.
Not aware of any common turbo issues in my market.

The 2.5 engines seem bulletproof.

Transmissions seem pretty good too, once again regular maintenance is paramount.

Tyres are black & round, buy the best you can afford.

Bose system seems reliable, however its a pretty basic & low power system.
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Old 06-29-2018, 09:41 AM
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I have a 2010 2.5L. with 119K on it. Here are a few things I have learned in a short amount of time. Every single Mazda CX-5 7 9 at some point will have the power window actuator fail. The plastic gears in the unit break and strip out.I just replaced mine on the passenger side. It's not too hard to change but if you allow the regulator to fall back into the door its likely the wheel inside the regulator will pop out and the cable will unravel. This happened to me. Since I haven't ever changed these I was unsure on how to attempt to rewind the cable. I completely destroyed it when I powered up the motor and tried to raise the window. The cable got kinked and would no longer align in the wheel tracks. I had to completely take it all apart again and then I had order a new regulator.

Another issue are the head lights. Count on replacing the low beam lights every 6 to 12 months or less. When I bought the car the previous owner had a lot of dealer receipts for maintenance. After I purchased the vehicle I went through them. I noticed he had a lot of charges for light bulb replacements at the tune of 140 bucks a pop. I mean like 10 times. I was like what the hell is the deal with the lights. Then I began researching it and found they burn out fast. The high beams burn out prematurely as well. The low beams are PITA to change. The rears get way too hot and melt and discolor the plastic from the inside.

The oil is a PITA to change as you have to remove the bottom engine cover. I read quite a few threads that mentioned problems with the wheel bearings going bad. I have not really seen much discussion with regard to 2.5L engine issues. I have not seen much about the 5spd auto having many issues either. For me I notice on moderate acceleration in 2 gear I have a vibration I can feel in the front under the foot rest. Kind of feels like it has a little bit of torque steer. It doesn't seem to do it in manual mode. Seems to be intermittent . I'm not sure what that's all about.
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Old 07-09-2018, 03:59 PM
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I hope that you do not need to replace the low beam bulbs. What a P.O.S. design!

I thought I could just take out old low beam bulbs and replace with new...but noooo... Apparently the crappy mounting design allows for the halogen bulbs to melt the mounting surface that holds them in place, which then allows the halogen bulb to rest against the headlight assembly, melting and destroying it.
A simple sub- $100 bulb swap becomes a $875 repair requiring new headlight assemblies on both sides. I am however swapping out the crappy halogen setup for LED though.

Don't get me started on the $300 tail light assembly.
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