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Default Brake problems, jammed, advanced

First, pardon my English but I will try to get it understandably.

Has a Mazda 6, 04 wagon 141hk 2.0, where the brakes on all four wheels getting jammed. The problem came during a panic brake situation, whereupon the brake pedal went to the bottom without any effect the next day. I then replaced the main brake cylinder (new part), whereupon the brakes jammed when braking. They dropped as I loosened the bleed nipple. Aired then the whole system, about 1 liter of each brake caliper. Have greased up all sliding bolts on all four calipers.
This did not help.

The brakes loosened however by taking my foot under the brake pedal to pull it outward. No physical distance of the pedal but it helps knock/kick it backwards with my foot.
Now the problem is that each braking, weak as hard, causes the brakes jamming slightly, notice slightly, however possible to drive.
The slight jamming is characterized by; the vehicle not to roll freely in gentle downhill, can be difficult to start in gear, brake discs getting hot, and the pedal is hard on the next braking.
All this, unless there is provided a knock/kick under the pedal, outwards, after each braking.

Now to my troubleshooting.

Tested by releasing the vacuum hose from the air intake and brake servo unit. By doing so the brakes will drop completely (tested gentle downhill) when the pedal is released (thus braking power amplifier disabled). When the suction/vacuum hose is on and I brake slightly/2 times, the brakes sticks again.

It is rumored that there is a membrane/or similar, that is sucked in normal condition, causing the braking power amplifier to help push the piston into the main brake cylinder when pressing the pedal, and this is where the problem can be located.
However, if there is a leakage on the vacuum system (there is not own pump unit, but hose directly from brake power amplifier to air intake on motor) this was supposed to have resulted the brakes to jam/stick even without using the brake pedal? Anybody having tips or solution to the problem?

If the car is parked and the brakes are jammed, the brakes have let go the next day, as if the vacuum is gone. Logical, I think, when the pressure disappears when the engine is not running, and the differential pressure will equalize over time.

I also adjust the pedal inside (total waste of time), and the piston inside the brake power amplifier (this is where the force from the pedal and the amplifier pushes the main brake cylinder). The pin/piston resulted in longer length the brake pedal had to go before any brake effect.
It did not solve the issue.
I also replaced the brake power amplifier (used part). It did not solve the issue.

In summary:
Replaced main brake cylinder, problem started.
Aired 1 liter per caliper.
Greased all gliding bolts on calipers.
Adjusted pin/piston between braking power amplifier and the main cylinder.
Replaced brake power amplifier.

The problems is still there.

Iím thinking the problem can be in the one or more ABS-sensors, or the ABS main unit itself, but have no ideas how to troubleshoot. Iím not in possession of any computer capable to read codes/messages from the ďbrainĒ.
Other suggestions?

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