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Heat0188 06-20-2011 03:13 PM

No radio, Miles resetting, help!
I have a 2003 Mazda6 3.0L engine. On Saturday I started my car and it "surged". Meaning my gauges all maxed out then went to normal. Also my miles reset, my radio display was blank (radio is dead and can't eject a CD). So now I can't see what my heater is doing (good thing I know the controls) and nothing beeps when I press the buttons. Every time I start my car it "surges" and resets my miles.

When I turn my car off I can't turn on my dome lights, lights don't turn on when my door is open, and it doesn't ding when my keys are in the ignition. I definitely loose all power when my cars shuts off.

Now the thing that boggles me is my "Cruise Main" and check engine light (that has been on for 3 years now) don't reset (which happens when the battery is disconnected...).

I have tried disconnecting the battery to reset everything, and that didn't help (just reset the check engine light and "Cruise Main"). We also disconnected the battery with the car running (just for ****s and giggles really) and it was fine. **UPDATE-- I went had my battery tested and it is fine**

Has anyone had this happen to them? Or does anyone have an idea as to what might be wrong? I was told that these cars go through batteries pretty constantly... is that true or is that an actual issue?

And if the battery was bad wouldn't everything reset on my dash.. not just the miles?

Any ideas are much appreciated!!!
Thank you

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