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Dave De 01-24-2016 08:21 PM

Mazda B-4000 4x4
I'm am buy no means an expert in the field. A huge accomplishment for me is doing the front brake pads. With that said, I have an oil leak that I'm trying to find out where it might be coming from. I'd be grateful with some help. If I am standing in front of my truck, looking on the floor, I see oil coming from my right hand side kinda near the power steering or brake clyinder area, however I dont think it's either one of these. What is the part nearest that, the differential or the tranfers case, I think it's one of those....thanks again

Cusser 01-29-2016 06:45 AM

Any leaks like this the first thing is to clean off the engine real well, and then look for first sign of leak. There is UV dye that can be added to the oil, and then detected with UV light. Remember, air motion and gravity tend to force leak evidence down and rearward.

It sounds like you are not losing a lot of fluid, and haven't noticed the oil, brake fluid, or power steering fluid levels decreasing too much.

1994 and Later Mazda trucks in USA are twins of Ford Rangers, maybe ask on a Ford Ranger board. Nothing wrong with that, just not made by Mazda, and way more Rangers sold. Your 4000 is the largest of the 3 available engines.

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