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nikkievix 09-03-2016 02:39 AM

1987 b2000 o2 sensor plug in where...?
as the title sudgests....i need to know where to plug the o2 sensor in to my 87 b2000. a little more than a month ago, i was cruising home from the store when my truck died on me. i figured ok...bad ignition switch as usual....noooope... worse. so i got it towed home behind one friends 1990 b2600i cab plus which looked funny. so i began to check things over..timing belt good, ignition good, cam good......crankshaft...panic mode. so we pulled the engine out that day because my friend was able to turn the crank pully by hand while the truck was in gear, i would crank and the engine would rock but nothing turns..broken crank......not so. see, with the engine dangling 4 feet in the air nose down...the whole crank pulley and sprocket slid center bolt woodruff key!

2 days later....ordered a master rebuild kit, new clutch and few items, handed them to my friend to rebuild my engine....month later, he brings it back.. engine freshly painted and cleaned, new pistons, rings oil pump wrist pins, gaskets and water pump and timing set...runs great, but a little rich. asked about that and he couldn't see where to plug the o2 sensor in on the engine a girl out please? i gotta get this ready for smog by the end of the month.

Cusser 09-04-2016 07:30 PM

Look for a single wire connector that's not connected to anything, like in engine compartment on driver side, for the oxygen sensor.

Nikkie - post your question over at, more traffic and knowledge base there. I have an aftermarket carb on my 1988 B2200 so I just have the oxygen sensor in that as a plug, it doesn't do anything on mine. My guess is that the wire goes into the computer, and provides feedback to the stock carburetor.

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