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'97 CEL codes?

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Default '97 CEL codes?

Have you answered this 1000 times? I posted this on mpvclub, but was pointed here as well. I heard there was a code genius:

Is it time to trash my MPV? I hope not, I love it. But my CEL has been on for 3 years now and nobody seems able to fix it. The codes are 420 and 446. The latest guess is that I need a new fuel filler (the part from the gas station to the tank)--for $282 plus labor--(he's 80% sure) and a new cat converter--$597 plus labor--(he's 100% sure). The car has 175K miles. Is there any way to get the parts cheaper? I was told that you can't take a converter from a junk yard (in Mass.) because you can get fined $25K. I want to keep the car, but I just put $700 into brakes and a bunch of other stuff, and how much more can I pump in? Can anybody give me sane advice that I can understand?
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Default RE: '97 CEL codes?

I am not either 80% or 100% sure on either one quabbinjen. The P0420 code is indicating a catalyst efficiency problem. With 175k miles this would not be abnormal to happen. I think though that they are looking at replacing the wrong one.
Your vanhas two catalytic converters. A front converter that is located just after where the two manifold pipes join and a main coverter that is located just after the front one. I see MSRP for an OE main converter at $597.55 with part number JE96-20-600A. If this is the part that is going to be replaced then your CEL will be right back on with same P0420 set. Onlythe front converter is monitored by the PCM to determine if it is working correctly and this is the one that should be getting replaced. It is unfortunately an additional $60 for OE part. See link below to aftermarket converters that are 1/3 the price. The picture of the one on top is the front cat that needs replaced and thepicture below that one is the main cat that does not.;modelid=549

The P0446 isindicating a fault in the Evaporative Emission system but do not think it will have anything to do with the fuel filler pipes.The Evap system is, to put it simply, a system that contains, collects, and disposes of the fuel vapors from the fuel tank so they can notescape into the atmosphereand cause pollution.
There are really not that many parts to you particular evap sytem. The main ones are :

Fuel tank : stores the fuel and is the source of all of the fuel vapors.

Charcoal canister : Is a charcoal filled canisterthat absorbs the fuel vapors when engine is not running so that they can be disposed of when the engine is running by being drawn into the intake manifold and burned in the combustion process.

Purge Control Solenoid Valve : Is the valve that is opened by the PCM to allow the fuel vapors to be drawn into the intake manifold

Canister Drain Cut Valve : Is a valve that is normally open and allows fresh air to be drawn into the Evap system to both normalize pressure and to replace the vapors drawn from the Evap system when the Purge valve is open.

When the PCM runs a self test on the Evap system, it closes the Canister Drain Cut Valve so that the Evap system is completely sealed from the atmosphere. The PCM then opens the Purge valve and draws the system into a light vaccum or negative pressure. A fuel tank pressure sensor monitors this pressure and sends pressure signal to the PCM. When a certain vacuum has been reached the Purge valve is closed and PCM monitors the vacuum to make sure it holds. If it does, then PCM determines that the system is adequately sealing and system passes that portion of the self test. The PCM then opens the Canister Drain Cut Valve to allow system to return to normal atmospheric pressure.
Here is where your P0446 code comes in. After the CDCV valve is opened to allow system pressure to return to atmospheric the PCM again looks at system pressure after a few seconds. The code is set if the pressure difference is too small. This would point me to be looking at this CDCV to make sure it is not sticking closed and also to the hoses between canister and CDCVand CDCV valve to its own little air filter for clogs or other restrictions. All of thesesuspect components are not back with the fuel filler area but up in the engine compartment near the charcoal canister. Might want to give those areas a check before the filler pipes are replaced.
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