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juzandbec 12-03-2017 09:38 PM

Transfer Case Failed - CX-9 Australia
Hi All, just thought I'd add my tale to the hundreds of others worldwide regarding the CX-9 transfer case.

Purchased a 2008 CX-9 Luxury in Sept 2016. Did research, read about transfer case. Car had full Mazda service history from another state and drove perfectly.

I contacted local dealer about getting the transfer case fluid changed and the service manager became defensive saying what a waste of time, there is no need etc. I mentioned the internet and forums at which point he became rude and said the forums are a load of rubbish and not to believe anything about amateur people providing wrong advice. I wasn't going to get anywhere with him so hung up.

Rang the next closest dealer who listed and said they could change it for $200 but advised unless I could hear, feel or smell something was wrong, leave it alone as changing the fluid could cause more issues. I wasn't 100% convinced but felt they know more than I do so I left it and went about enjoying my CX-9.

Sept 2017, a year later I thought I began to smell transmission fluid. No other symptoms, still driving perfectly. I put it on the ramps and checked for any leaks, felt around TC breather - no leaks anywhere. Next day, stopped at some lights and the smell was much worse, like an open bottle of trans fluid right under my nose. Took it home and shone a torch down to the TC and there was black fluid everywhere coming out of the TC breather.
I took it to the nice dealer, they checked the fluid and confirmed internal failure as the fluid is full of metal shavings. Quoted $3500 just for a new TC.
I use the term fluid loosely, its a thick black paste full of silver shavings. Clearly this fluid has broken down over 10 years and worn the gears of the TC to the point of failure.

I've drove it home, parked it and left it alone. I checked the internet / ebay for the best option. I've managed to get a new US based TC for $1450 landed and a local transmission shop to fit it for $650. New TC should arrive in a week. Just what I need before Xmas. Assuming the trans is OK as its still driving fine, just caught it in time before it seized and stripped the trans

So to all you previous generation CX-9 owners that have not changed your fluid, please do so ASAP. Its a case of when the TC will fail, not if!

grim_reaper 12-04-2017 03:04 AM

I've seen a few CX-9s with the Transfer Case/PTO die. The worst I've seen is the transfer case locked up & split the housing into multiple pieces.

Apart from the electric windows it's really the only other common fault. A very expensive fault.

juzandbec 12-04-2017 05:09 PM

Yes I read about those and saw some amazing pics of the housing split open and then the dreaded auto trans splines stripped. I am just glad I caught it before that stage, I'd hate to be sourcing a transmission as well.

The cost of a TC in Oz is just staggering - I've had many Euro cars and have never had to spend anywhere near $2K for anything, providing you do your homework and stay away from dealers

Overall though, as you say, the CX9 seems relatively trouble free - once this is sorted I'm confident she'll keep going for many years to come.

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