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cx7guy 12-05-2017 03:52 PM

Transmission issues
Posted a thread last week and didnt get any feedback, so ill try again.
I have a 2010 mazda cx7(automatic transmission) 105000 miles. Last week I started having issues with the car shifting from 1st to 3rd, car also didn't want to go into reverse sometimes. Noticed that there was a light on the dash that turned on, "AT".

Took it to a nearby shop and they had it for a week. 1st they told me it was the solenoid harness making the issue. they replaced it and did more test runs, but the car was still having the same problems. they then took it to another shop without my knowledge and had them do more tests on it. Called me yesterday afternoon and told me that the sun shell on the transmission is broken which is causing the shift issue. He then quoted me around $3300 for a remanufactured transmission with installation.

This comes as a major shock to me as I have only had the car for about a year (purchased the car from a used car lot) and in the time i've owned it, I have only put approximately 6000 miles on the car. I guess my question for this group is : Does that seem like a fair price, or should I take it to another shop to have a 2nd opinion? Money is tight, and I cannot afford to not have my car for too much longer (public transportation to and from work is a pain).

grim_reaper 12-06-2017 02:27 PM

Go for a second opinion.

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