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mmitsch 11-12-2017 11:00 AM

Is the CX-7 A Good Car?
I am in the market for a used car. I am finding 2008 & 2009 CX-7's and CX-9's at seemingly reasonable prices (~$8,000) with low mileage. I happened upon a few reviews that say there a lot of problems with these -- mentioning misfires, turbo failure, engine replacement, etc..

I was wondering if some of you could give me your thoughts? I will post this in the CX-9 area as well. Maybe you could let me know some of the following or other points?

1. What would you think one of these with 75,000 miles be worth?
2. Is there any specific points I should look for?
3. Is the transmission reliable?
4. What tires should I look for (any brand known to be ok)?
5. Any known issues with electronics? Some reviews mention Bose speaker issues?

Anything you could share would be great. These are good looking cars and I figure this is a great place to see what those of you who own one think!



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