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Old 05-22-2010, 04:15 PM
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Default MAada 6 fuel pump

i have a 2005 mazda 6 i.about 2 weeks ago it wouldnt start after i got off work so i had to leave it.i went back the next morning and it started right up.well today it wont start and ive checked all my relays and fuses with a meter. i dont hear the fuel pump.where is the fuel pump?im sure its in the tank but isnt there a SECRET door somewhwer?i have 75,000 on it and that seems a little early for a mazda fuel on my third mazda and have never had a problem before 100,000 on any of them til now.any help would be appreciated as i dont know much about these newer cars YET.
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Old 05-23-2010, 04:19 AM
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I just replaced fuel pump about 1 month ago under warranty. Fuel pump from mazda is not cheap at all and my dealer did not have any inventory and it must order from mazda usa. I heard about OEM fuel pump cost about $275.
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Old 05-23-2010, 12:53 PM
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today i found the fuel pump access panel,its under the back seat BOTTOM cushion.i looked at the fuel tank and back seat and said to myself "the seat bottom is to far forward to be above the fuel pump/tank" i was wrong. i took out the back seat and there it my millenia its in the trunk so that was strange, to me, for it to be so far forward on the monday ill try to get a pump from my local dealer.i still think thats too soon for a fuel pump to go out,75,000miles....oh well,still the NEWEST car ive ever owned so we'll see what happens
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Old 05-24-2010, 08:35 AM
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If you do plan on removing the pump, I would recommend on purchasing the wrench to remove the ring that secures the pump in the tank. It makes removal a lot easier & you can reuse the ring instead of having to purchase a new one.

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Old 06-01-2010, 03:14 PM
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Probably the easiest repair ive done,in the past 35 years.unplugged the connector and undid the quick connect fuel line,the retaining ring came right off with the sure to have a shallow bucket or pan to put the pump assembly in right after you take it out SLOOOWLY.the fuel pump ASSEMBLY has a little less than a quart of fuel in it so it can get everywhere.then the new pump goes right kinda have to collapes it while your putting it in.when you see the new one youll understand.i read you had to mark it but mine was KEYED so it went right in place. $420.00 for a pump and o-ring from mazda.i had asked mazda how much to change it and they wanted $800.00!!! for a 20 minute job for me and if i had to do it again it would take 10 minutes. im sure they have guys/gals that could do it in 5...i still dont see $400.00 labor.....maybe taking out the tank but the pumps under the back seat .....oh well...the wife is happy so im happy. i think,i better go ask her
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