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Old 04-21-2008, 12:28 AM
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Default '07 Mazda6 front end noise

I have a 2007 Mazda6 4 cyl. with 3,300 miles on it and for the last 1000 miles or so I have had popping/grinding sound in the left front. The noise sounds like it may be coming from the wheel area. I mostly get it on pull outs and it's worse when I'm pulling out on an incline. I have an automatic so it's not operator error on the clutch. I took it to my dealer and the first idiot said that there's not a problem, for me to drive it and enjoy it-yeah, I will! whatever! So I take it back and the next mech. says that it is a tranny mount and replaces that - that did not fix it! It goes back in tomorrow - wonder what happens then? It almost seems to be a suspension issue - rears it's ugly head when the front end comes up...
I am totally dissappointed with the dealer service at this point. I live 70 miles from the dealership so each trip there eats up 150 miles of warranty! Tomorrow will make 450 miles of warranty destroyed over the same problem!
Ok, so I realize I am on a rant and could go on about it for hours...I won't.. Has anyone else had similar problems?! I loved the car at first but it is quickly leaving a bad taste in my mouth! I want to feel that love again! Please help!
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Old 04-21-2008, 06:11 AM
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Default RE: '07 Mazda6 front end noise

Just had a similar problem a few months ago with my05 6s 6-cyl.Itwas sort of a squealing grinding problem. Turned out it was a metal thin bracket that held the brake pads in place. This bracket is formed and has small tabs on it. One of the tabs broke off and the pad was misaligned and causing a squeal and a popping noise whenever I stopped the car. In my garage I noticed it the mose cause the sound came off the garage wall echoing I guess. I really hope someone who knows the name of the part will read this and let you know what it is called cause im not sure what the correct name for it is. It was only five bucks at AutoZone for two new ones and I only needed one. I hope I helped a little and good luck and let us know what you find out...Kevin
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Old 04-21-2008, 08:57 AM
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Default RE: '07 Mazda6 front end noise

Thanks Kevin. But, I really don't think it's a brake issue at all. It mostly does it when pulling out from a dead stop, however, it has done it on rolling stops and pull outs too. The noise is much worse on an incline and there's no squealing or scraping sound at all. It's really just a popping or loud clicking or maybe it could even be described as crunching.
I also forgot to mention that my dealer screwed up my windows! I had a question initially about whether or not there should be slack in the windows, i.e when it's rolled down part of the way I can push the window down about a half an inch more. Plus, it has jarred down about a half inch before while I'm driving down the road. So, my mech. apparently removed the door panel and about 50 miles down the road after the dealership is closed, I realize that my auto up/down will not work for either driver or pass. side and I cannot operate pass. window from driver's door at all! I really got the car back in much worse condition than when I left it! I go back in with it today and I have already given them a list of demands, my next step if I'm not absolutely thrilled after this visit is to call Mazda.Anyway, I'm ranting again so I'll stop.

Again, if there's anyone out there is Mazda-land that can help me - all comments will be appreciated! Thanks again!
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Old 04-21-2008, 11:28 AM
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Default RE: '07 Mazda6 front end noise


I think Kevin may be on to something. The reason you are hearing a popping sound very well could be from the brakes. You noted, specifically, that you heard the noise when pulling out from a dead stop (presumably after using the brakes while coming to that dead stop). The brakes, while not necessarily stuck, would be loose or otherwise not properly aligned. This popping noise could arise from the misalignment occuring while braking to a stop.
Also, hearing the noise while on an incline can also support a possible brake issue... with the car facing uphill, the brakes may rest differently on the rotor, thus leading to a similar misalignment problem and subsequent popping/scratching noise.
A good mechanic should be able to spot this problem without even taking the front wheel off.

On a somewhat related note, my brand new (23 day old) '07 6s 6spd Hatch just experienced the same window problem you describe. The power window switch on the passenger door works (but no AutoUp/AutoDown), and the passenger switch on the driver door does not work at all. Also, the driver switch on the driver door has no AutoUp/AutoDown. Did the service dept. remove the positive battery cable when they took your door apart. I removed mine to install a subwoofer/amp to the stock 6-disc changer, and noticed this issue afterward. Maybe something need a reprogramming? Or a more in-depth wiring check (specifically with your dash/driver door)

Let me know what happens with the power window switches. Mine will be getting warranty service on Wednesday. I will update then.

Just a few thoughts.
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Old 04-21-2008, 09:34 PM
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Default RE: '07 Mazda6 front end noise

ok, so the 6 is staying a few days with my dealership. The tech. was shocked to see/hear that the noise was still there. On a better note, my windows are fixed with the exception of the front pass. window makes a pop after it is up or sometimes when it is almost all the way up, he will look into that also...I think I have expressed my displeasure with the whole situation to the point that I will actually see some resolution this time.

If your battery is unhooked for some reason your pwr windows will be screwed up - it's in your owner's manual how to reprogram it but I'll pass it along anyhow.
If the driver door will not operate the pass. side or the auto up/down feature will not work on pass. side do this: Using the pass. side control roll the window down about half way and back up again holding the control the whole way up and hold til you hear a click. That should reset it and the driver door control should work again and the auto up/down.
Repeat the same steps to reset auto up/down for driver's side. Never thought it would be so simple, kinda felt stupid after learning that!

Anyway, my dealership will be contacting me in the next day or so and I will post updates. In the meantime theyloaned me an 06 sport V6, in the color I originally wanted (lapis blue metallic)but the dealer didn't have one at the time I purchased my Dark Cherry 4 banger. The V6 is a sweet ride, would have never imagined such a difference! zoom zoom....
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Old 04-25-2008, 09:02 AM
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Default RE: '07 Mazda6 front end noise

Well....I got the 6 back! It was a busted strut! The very thing I suggested on my first trip to the idiot that insisted that there was not a problem at all! Runs fine - for now! Also, I seen some other posts about squeaky seats... I had that problem also. It was fixed by removing a thin metal clip that was on the seat track I believe, either it was on the seat track or on the seat and was rubbing the track. Thought that may be of interest also...
Oh yeah, the pass. side window regulator and motor had to be replaced!
Thanks to all who gave suggestions and offered help!
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